It’s been a while! Spokepost has been out of operation for quite some time now. I moved a bit south to the mid-Atlantic several years ago, probably about the time (if you were indeed a loyal Spokepost reader…) you may have noticed a change in how the website was run. Updates became less frequent, things slowly degraded and became harder and harder to manage. Eventually, I pulled the site down and had a couple short builds of various flavors that seemed to never fully materialize. Part of the reason seemed that perhaps I was over-complicating things for myself by thinking that I had to have a complex website that had all kinds of custom functionality that I would always try to build myself. Bad idea - as it distracted me from the ultimate goal of – which was to support grassroots bicycling of all types.

So here we are again. This time, simpler, faster and more useful. I have migrated to a static blogging platform to keep things super-simple.